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FeatherCode is the only PSD to HTML service that starts off completely free. Only pay for what you need.




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The type of code you want.

Horizontal Alignment

How you want the site to be aligned in the browser horizontaly.

Vertical Alignment

How you want the site to be aligned in the browser horizontaly.

Javascript Framework

Which Javascript framework you would like us to use.

Other Options

Browser Compatability

Select the which browsers you want your design to be compatible with. Each browser is $30.


Dynamic rollovers for links or menu elements. Adding rollovers is $5.


Custom, dynamic CSS menu. Adding dropdowns is $14.


Scalable Inman Flash Replacement enables you to use non-webfonts. SIRF is $21

Flexible Layout

A flexible layout will stretch or shrink to fit within any browser size. Flexible layout is $29.

Header/Footer Stretch

Will make the header and footer stretch the width of the browser. Header/Footer stretch is $11

Bottom Footer

Bottom footer places your footer on the bottom of the page, even if there is little content. Bottom footer is $11.

EM Based

Allows elements of the page to resize proportionally depending on the font-size. Adding EM is $52.


Convert your design into a Wordpress template. Wordpress conversion is $299 a page.


Convert your design into a Myspace layout. Myspace conversion is $399 a page.

Number of pages

Link to files

We recomend

Upload (if under 15mb)

Additional Information

Give us any other additinal information, details and or requests for you project.

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With every order, you get a complementary Litmus compatability report!

Important Stuff

Any order over $100 dollars will be completed within 24 hours guaranteed.

If you aren't completely satisfied with our work, we will refund your order.

More Stuff

For uploading more than one file, please compress the files together.

We accept designs in Photoshop, plus a variety of other formats. We can also make changes to existing websites.

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